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    Secondo me… Gabriel Nissim scrive delle cose corrette… :

    We cannot be silent anymore

    editorial by Gabriele Nissim, chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous, 8 January 2015

    The massacre against the editorial board of Charlie Hebdo in Paris is a new 9/11. Islamic fundamentalism with its trail of savagery wants to compel us to a moral surrender. Terrorists sent us a clear and loud message: "You Western democrats have no right to think, criticize, express your views, be satyrical, but you have to adapt to our ideological project. Otherwise other attacks will follow in Europe. You must become like those French people who in the republic of Vichy obeyed to Nazism, during Nazi occupation. Be silent and we will ensure you can live in peace.”


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    … NO UNA RIFLESSIONE che secondo me va letta tra le righe.  Gabriele Nissim …giornalista, saggista, storico italiano, fondatore del famoso "Giardini dei Giusti" a Milano, mi pare anche premiato con Ambrogino d'oro 2014…


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