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    The Hooded Claw at |

    Un passaggio che mi sembra cruciale da un articolo di Robert Fisk sull’Independent:

    And yes, of course, the Islamists who took so many hostages in Algeria were ultimately to blame for the massacre. Neither side offers any quarter; thus hostages, bystanders, civilians are “collateral damage” – yes, that hateful phrase again – to both sides. Nor is that surprising.
    For the real marriage of both al-Qa’ida and the Algerian military started after the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.
    It is a largely secret story which even today has never been fully revealed. Desperate to stem their losses, the Soviet government asked their socialist Algerian allies for intelligence help; and the Algerian intelligence services dispatched their own men to Afghanistan to pose as “mujahedin” alongside real Algerian Islamists fighting for Osama bin Laden.
    Information from these Algerian military spies allowed Soviet forces to fight back.
    But when the Russians left and the Algerians came home, the army ordered their own men to remain undercover with the Islamist groups. So when the terrible civil war began, individual officers to keep their cover participated in the massacre of civilians. And thus became contaminated by atrocities. This is not a tale which the Algerian government admits to. Nor will the West examine this grim history.
    But the reality is that the real Cobras of the intelligence world live within the Algerian military “pouvoir”.
    By comparison, the Cobra in Downing Street – David Cameron’s famous security “committee” – is a humble and very sleepy grass snake. 

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    castemar at |

    Qualche motivo -ancora sconosciuto- ha spinto il governo algerino ad agire in modo così avventato e fuori dai consueti schemi seguiti in situazioni come queste. E’ probabile che ci sia stata una sotto stima della controparte o Algeri ha agito infischiandosene bellamente di eventuali danni collaterali.
    Situazione da seguire con attenzione. 

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    Morgana at |

    Buonasera, a me piacerebbe sapere cosa ne pensa Nemo-negoziatore di questo:


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    Anonimo at |

    Slaughter at Algeria gas plant ‘was led by a Canadian as it emerges white Briton is part of Al Qaeda Blood Battalion behind hostage crisis’ 


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