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    AllegraBrigata at |

    Sempre dannatamente sul pezzo. Bravo.


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    Silendo at |

    :)) per così poco???? :)

    Dalla Reuters:

    "Mark Fitzpatrick, a director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said it was too early to say whether the IAEA report will cast doubt on the 2007 NIE assessment.
    "The U.S. intelligence community already has the information in the IAEA report," Fitzpatrick said, adding that Clapper as recently as March confirmed the belief that Iran had not made a decision to restart its nuclear weapons program. The apparent disconnect between that statement and the leaks that have come out about the IAEA report probably pertain to the time frame of the weapons research and development and the level and scale of the activity that the IAEA apparently believes continued after 2003," he said.


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